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I have a new domain! I got to thinking that insanityofxade is limited in the name department. That was fine and good when I was wanting to just do my one webcomic. but now that I really think of it I want a domain that gives me more freedom and isnt hard to type. I can just say "go to and click so and so" at the moment I have pixie on it, a nice little streamlined blogging software that is new to the softaculous web installer that namecheap has. I'm trying it out, seeing if I like it. I can imagone the images for the background already. Alex leaning against the left edge of the page, and Cat peering around at the reader on the right side. It should be super cute :-) Anyhow I'll be able to make or whatever I decide to call the reboot. Because I know that Hogan would loathe me if I decided to change everything up to or something. So I'll clean up the old site, remove the ads and counters change the logo to reflect that it's old and to go to the hub for more details. I'll be blogging there from now on

Daz Studio for the win!

Comic News I decided to return to Daz Studio but to start off with the 4th gen characters. After a number of hiccups, Ive constructed Alex in his police uniform but without his normal bunny blond hair and glasses. Instead I used the default Kurt hair, that I purchased. I do believe that I used the 9th image as the base for Alex's hair. I am looking for Alex's textures. I found the skin files on my old archive but I have yet to locate all my custom clothes and item textures that I made. I'll find them eventually and make new mat files for DS 4.8.

Currently I am going through my massive content and categorizing everything so I have it at my fingertips. I had no idea that I bought so much stuff over the years. According to my install manager I have 1590 non dynamic items installed. this includes Daz itself and related files. So that's a lot of files to go through. These are all ones that I bought. I The only thing I kept from my illegal days was the gen 4 police uniforms, but I have them in a completely different runtime that I can quickly delete once I buy the actual files. And I do plan on buying them as I get the money. I decided that all the money that I was spending on games would be better spent on expanding my daz studio runtime. At least there I wont blow it on virtual stuff that I will lose interest in. I'll be able to actually use stuff that I buy for Daz studio.

I will also be making my own objects for my comic. All those years off the comic was not spent in vain. I tried Blender, and learned a heck of a lot of things in it. I feel completely confident that I can build and import things into Daz studio. And I might even sell them in daz too! If enough people like my models sure I'll sell them. Once I get things all organized with everything in its place then I'll be able to get down to seriously making my comic. I have the first chapter all scripted and ready to go. You will be able to really see exactly what happened to Sally and everything. I wont release it until I got plenty of buffer and it looks really good. I might even have it chapter by chapter uploaded. But first I got to get this one chore out of the way. It's a haeck of a job but long as I keep at it I'll get it done eventually. Once I am done I'll have everything I need at my fingertips.

Off to the grinding board. See you when I get done!

Well, I am quite encuraged by my results this time around!

Comic News Ive been really making some honest to goodness progress on the base forms. Either I was doing it wrong all the while or everything just makes more sense this time around see this deviation for full details. The female version is looking really good too. check out this little subdomain of mine to see the home for my comic. I'll using this blog as a front page, once I settle on a theme and stuff for it. Hopefully it will be easy to make a new one from scratch. This current theme is the default theme. After that one person contacted me I want to avoid using other people's themes at all cost. I'm pretty sure that I can make all props after a year of playing around on second life. When you upload there you must be very conscious of your polygons. So far make human has exceeded my expectations. I got it to import well, and it only needs a few very minor weight paint and changes. Once I went over a blog post then I was able to easily get the male model to do exactly what I want to do :-) After I adust a few things here and there I'll be able to really have fun with the makehuman Xadians I just hope there wont be any little unxpected surprises down the road

I'm finally getting on the ball

After much debate and fans (omg I actually have them!) saying that they miss my comic I am rebooting Insanity of Xade. Check out my deviant art for the full details. I plan on doing something very simple for the layout so that it doesnt detract from the webcomic, and to make it super easy to recolor and such. I might do each comic a separate page, I dont know yet. I have an idea on what it will look like, but beyond that I'm not sure, what I am sure of is that I'll be using marvelous designer and Make Human I'll have my work cut out for me but I'm sure I can do it, if make human plays nice with me when it comes to a character creation. I'm working on making the base male look something like Hiro3, which I have loaded in another blender window.

I'm pretty sure I can do the props I will need. It shouldnt be that many. The trees might give me some trouble. I did a quick search and didnt see any good tree making programs. Blender has a sapling generator but I'm not sure how to turn finish them off. Perhaps I'll look over at google, or make some very toony trees. But I'm prettysure I can make the hair and everything else now. It's just I got to learn the limits of make human, see if I can make an anime character, ect. But go on over and check out my deviant art and keep an eye out on this space, things will be changing soon. :-)

Powerless again

InsaneXade's Life This time I admit it was my own fault. I kept putting off going down to heap until it was too late. I learned my lesson. I do not procrastinate any more. Business before pleasure all the time. I'm a licensed life insurance agent in Ohio but I just don't have a rich enough social circle to get anywhere in Primerica. One good sale and I would be out of this hole faster than you can say my name. I need to pay the amount in 30 days from 31st of July. But I just don't see that happening. No one seems to read this blog any more so I guess I'm just wasting wasting my time here. Oh well.


InsaneXade's Life I forgot about paying my hosting but not that many people visit my blog anymore so no one probably even noticed it was gone. Anyhow, I've been very busy trying to make my way in Primerica, but it's been a steep uphill climb with my bad girl past catching up to me. it's just a bunch of red tape to trim away. nothing much I can do about it, really. I must be patient and wait on the state to approve my background, that's all. Maybe one day I can make something with my old site. But right now I'm just too busy.

What the heck? The nerve of some people

InsaneXade's Life I've been looking for a career change, submitted my resume on As such I've been checking my email every day. Completely out of the blue this person contacts me and states that they want their link removed from my site, with links showing examples. This is because google seems to have taken offence to sites with little traffic and the web hosting geeks webaster feels it is hurting their site having such a poor site linking back. The links the person is pertaining to is in the footer and part of the theme writer's required disclaimer "i3Theme 1.6 is designed by N.Design Studio, customized by MangoOrangeâ„¢, supported by Web Hosting Geeks,
sponsored by Web Hosting Reviews & Free Coupons and Cheap Web Hosting. Ported to Serendipity by YellowLed."

Now, on most days I'm a nice girl so I went in to my blog's control panel and had a look around at the files. There wasn't a single file named "footer" or anything along that line. Now, I could have probably found it of course, I do dabble in web design, but I'm pressed for time. So, jut to make the webgeek happy I set it to the the default 2k11 template. This is only temporary until I get around to changing the files in it and clearing out the directory of all the old stuff. At least this one I am allowed to use without complaint no matter how unpopular my blog is. I'm not one to rant and rave but to take time out of my busy life just to do something so silly is annoying. I know one thing though, I will never ever visit their site, even if they were the last site on the planet. If they annoy me again I might get ticked off. And no one wants a ticked off InsaneXade----theres no telling what I'll do :-P

Hmm, looks like I need to look at my chatbox code and switch it to java. Something else to do today when I get off work.

I keep forgetting about this site for some reason

InsaneXade's Life I mean, I keep up on my deviant art but I just simply forget to update over here. Anyhow, I'll strive to be brief and to the point. Each paragraph will be about something that happened since Mom's accident.

First off, I got to meet my artist Wagaza for a fun filled aftwenoon thanks to Cheeko and we had a blast. For a full overview of that wonderful day see this Deviant Art post. I had so much fun with them that I keep smiling for no reason, despite it being weeks ago.

Okay, after that I decided to buy the Lindsey Stirling CD. She is a violinist that I modeled Vincent's playing after. I've always admired her, how she can move and play and dance while playing that I decided to include that in his spell playing. Anyhow, as I was listening to it nonstop for a few days I suddenly realized that I wanted to learn how to hold the bow, because I wanted to see how flexible Vincent should be while holding it. Could he could pluck the strings with one or 2 fingers, so I bought one on Amazon for $10. The more I listened the more I realized I wanted to do more than learn how to hold the bow. I wanted to play the violin too. I started saving up for a violin and doing more research.

I found and joined the chat (which is where I got my chat box from) Soon, I became a regular, learning about the violin by reading the chat. Eventually I joined and spoke up about my passion.They were very supportive and kind. So I finally told them more about myself and why I wanted to play. I was watching the bow tutorial and holding my new bow when I got bored and looked at the other videos on youtube. I watched as fiddlerman tested a violin out. The more I watched, the more I realized I had to have that violin. It's a fair starter one and it comes in my favorite shade of purple. So now I have a violin coming and can hardly wait to see it.

Well, that's it, I guess everything is up to date. Don't forget to comment in my box, or just say " Hji, I was here"

Mom totaled our new car

InsaneXade's Life Mom was in cruise control on a wet back road, she tapped the brakes and went flying out of control. It chills my blood to think of how close I came to losing my dear sweet mother. There was a bunch of ways this could gone wrong, she could have landed on the roof, she could have hit the bridge with her nose instead of the back driver wheel, a whole bunch of things.

I myself was on my way to pay off a quick cash loan when I got her panicked call. "Addie! I totaled the car, I'm in a creek on Newton Falls Bailey Rd! You need to get here now! Water is coming in FAST!"

I'm like, "Wait? What?!" She starts to repeat it it and I said, "Calm down, where are you," She repeats the road. I repeat it after her and tell her I'm on my way."

"Water coming in!" She shouts.

"Okay, now hang up and call 911, this is an emergency, they can get to you before I can. I'll be there soon!" I'm dashing out the door as I say this.

I throw my stuff in the car and take off like shot. I quickly, and numbly put the road in the GPS and off I go, it wanted to send me the long way so I took my way and called the Paper to see if I couldn't get a hint on which way she might be going. "Sally" answers and we try together to figure out which way she might be going as I tear through the back roads.

I come out on Newton Falls Bailey Rd. "I hear an ambulance!" I tell Sally.

"You do? where?"

"North!" I immediately turn that way then I jump as I see an ambulance tearing towards me, with a cop on its tail. "Oh, I turned the wrong way, thanks Sally, I'll keep you guys posted!"

I turn into the nearest driveway, wait for them to pass then tear off after them. I'm keeping perfect pace with them, and only slow down when the cop turns onto the road before the accident, I give him a terrified wave and continue coasting behind the ambulance. Once it stops, I stop too, slam the car in park then follow on foot. They try to stop me but I say that's my mom in my car and they let me past. I only relax slightly when I see mom is not in immediate danger of drowning then I start taking a few pics with my phone, move my main car out of the way and start watching.

Eventually they get her out and I almost cry with relief when I see her walking to safety, gripping the fireman firmly by the hand so she doesnt fall. Once she gets in the ambulance I find out what happened and start trying to figure out how to get my other car, I'm watching them start pulling it out when I see a newsman come up, and since I had nothing better to do I talk to him. I agree to an interview and tell him what Mom told me. When Boo, my brother in law by marriage tells me the car is a total loss I break down because we just got that car less than six weeks prior.

Thankfully I have full coverage on both vehicles and I was able to file a claim on it and get about 2k out of it, so far. I still have to talk to the adjuster but the appraiser told me a little under 2k because it's a salvage/junkyard title and I didn't notice it when I bought the car, but now I know better.

What follows are snapshots of the damage and the video links. I'll post updates as I get news.
This is the first picture of Mom's car that I took. This is from my phone. As you see she was quite lucky to have landed upright. It could have went wrong is so many ways. :S
The second picture I took, here a fireman is moving stuff from the passenger side so that mom can crawl out the window.

This was the back driver wheel, showing where she hit the bridge that spun her facing it in the creek.
Another view, detailing the damage to the fender area and how twisted the back tire was. The trailing arms were ripped out and it could not rotate much
Another view of the back tire. Here you can see how the axle tore away from the frame and part of the twisted frame
Yet another view, this one a closeup of the back axle with a marvelous view of the broken frame
A view from behind the car, this shows how the axle is at an angle. We just fixed the exhaust system, hanging the muffler up properly. The strap is still nice and shiny
The front end, looking under at the damaged from dragging it out. The Frame is twisted, and the radiator dropped some
The front end, see all the cracks and notice how the plate holder is warped and twisted? I had a lot of fun getting that plate off, it almost went pretzel on me

This is a snapshot of the news at noon video, here you can see the angle she landed, she started way around the corner and landed there. She went airborne, smashed the back tire and spun around to settle in the creek

Here is the video to the news clip that I have. It's in flash so give it a few minutes to load. it's a short video. I am trying to get a copy of my interview.
This is the youtube link to the unlisted video here
The orginal news brief is here

Stupid fickle upgrade!

InsaneXade's Life Well, I got an email today that there was an update to my blog so I of course upgraded only to find out that it completely broke my theme. So I had to find another one that I liked with 3 columns So if you're just checking to see if I posted that's why I changed themes. It's not too bad, all things considered but I did like the purple theme. Oh well, it was either switch or no blog :-P

Turns out Make human is the best way to go

InsaneXade's Life Make Human for blender is really awesome if you want to chop your modeling time in half. They are easy to pose and easy to customize once you get the hang of it. I made a complete model of Vincent in about two hours besides the ears. It's fully posable and easy to animate, has everything you need, even shape keys. If you want anatomically correct human based characters (even the stuff) then Make Human is an excellent choice. The only complaint I have is you must configure Blender to import but that's no big deal. User settings plugins to allow it and auto run python scripts. Between make human and Blender Cookie I'll have Vincent fully modeled and even clothed really soon and allow everyone to see him.

Wow. When it comes right down to it....

InsaneXade's Life I suddenly realize how much I actually ripped off the net and how much I bought legitimately from Daz Studio. Let me put it this way. I had over 250 gbs of various daz studio related stuff, including saves, in my old install of windows that I last used last year some time. Now, that I downloaded the Daz 3d install manager I find that I only have 26.2 gbs, without saves, without props that I made and I still have 476 things to download and install, but the download manager won't download any more due to the hard drive being too full.

My current main hard drive is only 300gb to begin with. It was supposed to be a temporary experiment of mine to see if I really needed half the things I had on my old hard drive and to see if that Windows was as messed up as I thought, which it was. So, now I am in the process of archiving my good, 1tb hard drive onto my external one after deleting all my backups on that external and ghosting this hard drive over to my older 1tb hard drive. For those who feel lost reading this don't worry, it makes sense to me. Consider it as backing up the old for file access, but not boot access and moving this hard drive over to the tb one :-P

All right, now why am I downloading Daz Studio again? Well, I got to thinking about how anatomically correct everything was and realized that in order to finish my Vincent model, and indeed, make more models I require an anatomically correct, fully posable and zoomable model. I will still use Blender I just want to have something that I can refer to on my terms, not a video's terms. I mean, did you ever try to do a 3d model of the head, fix it and then realize you have this one spot that looks off and no idea what to do with it? That's my problem with Vincent's head. I have this whole section on his head that I have no idea what to do with until I sit down and look at a true 3d anatomically correct model. The back of the head, behind his ears (without actually having the ears in place) is what I'm talking about. I also need to have a certain body type, the ectomorph body type, because he isn't supposed to have any fat on him for spoiler reason. Since Daz's Michael 4 has all kinds of morphs like that then it really is the best choice for me.

I'm also kind of thinking about Make Human again. They have a new modeler and I might consider adapting that to my use, or at least a sculpting base if I get disgusted at my attempts again. But he is doing pretty good currently so there's no telling what will happen. I'll probably keep everyone posted here.

3d Modeling again

InsaneXade's Life Well, there's a whole bunch of things going on right now, mom's dodge neon died, timing belt and transmission. And when the timing belt went I of course tried to restart her and bent the valves all to heck. So, the 2nd payday after my car was finally paid off I had to get a title loan to get mom her new sunfire pontiac. So this means that the leaky roof is once again put on hold, but my cousin offered to do it if we get the stuff so that's going to be a lot cheaper. It rains in my room so bad I had to build a rain water redirection system out my window. Money is so tight it "squees." But we'll get there sooner or later.

Because of all this and other stuff I dont feel like talking about I started to 3d model again. I decided to do Vincent, seen here I found the most amazing videos to help me out on Blender Cookie and I highly recommend the last one, even if you are not a 3d modeler because it is actually sketching/drawing but the tutorials are so amazing that they are incredibly useful. I was wondering why he looked off and after watching a few on the face I realized why. I jsutr wasn't forming him right. I fixed the nose and wow he looks better already.

Well, that's about it, I'm not writing or editing but I am sorta working on book related things to unwind after a very stressful month. If you wish to help out on the donations with my new donation link on the right sidebar. Who knows, I might even start webcomicking again.

WaW progress Update

Bk2 Without a Will Well, ive been very busy playing a game and just relaxing now I'm back to the book and hashing things out with a new reader that I met in the game. Chris is a wonderful reader and has really challenged me. I've added a couple new characters, fleshed out a bunch more and just basically started building without a will from the ground up. I've also worked a little on drawing again, I can do it but it hurts to do it for long so don't expect anything there. I thought I would let people know about it here, see ya later