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Retail markup stinks

bk1 Aden's Reluctant Wizardry It ate up a lot of my profits, I mean a lot of my profits and I had to mark up the books so high it wasn't funny. However, on the bright side I was able to add a discount to offset that. So, they're still quite reasonable over on my store. I really need to get some business cards, as in asap but I don't fancy their price. Sure they are sweet and nice but $197 for 500 front and back with glossy cover is a little steep. I could do better myself via vistaprint or something. However, I now have official isbns which is wicked cool and even my own barcodes I had to add in place of the ones. I mean wow! Now people can look it up by isbn and scan and everything, once it's distributed. This more than anything makes me feel exceptionally happy. What would make me feel even happier is actually selling some books, even if it was just the ebook, which I just marked down to $5.50 just to try to sell a few more. The profit is still quite respectable, even in the app stores. Now, all I need to do is wait. I do hope that I caught most of the errors and stuff. I mean I had 48 of them this time, but they were basically me rewording things to flow smoother. I think if I go through it one more time I will scream.

In the second book's progress I am on chapter sixteen and at 308 pages. I just finished re-reading it and found a couple plot holes to fill in. One of the main hero's skills cannot be used someplace and I accidentally had it used in an earlier place in the book. The hero is a little more powerful than I like to deal with, so I had to add some very firm limitations to his power. I want him to remain human, or in his case elfish, enough to be believable. I do not want to have the Gary Stu syndrome. He makes mistakes. There are people who just doesn't like him. However, he has a tragic past. But almost everyone has suffered from some tragic thing at some time in their lives so I'm good there.

Anyhow, the store is all set up with the final prices and we'll go from there :-) I'll make some little buttons sometime. In the mean time I just added a little html nugget over on the right. :-D


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Nero Angelo on :

Sorry to hear about the markup. I'll do my best to buy it as soon as paypal sends me my password.

It's good to hear that your next book's coming out nicely.

InsaneXade on :

well, like I said I was able to offset it on so it's no big deal it's about the price range I wanted on lulu so it's a win win. Paypal should send you the password no problems. Unless they changed it too much last time I checked.

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