Welcome to my old webcomic. I am no longer updating since Daz Studio corrupted my save files on an update. This is only up due to a friend's request. Thanks for all the great times. ~Xade


Life & Death
(Woops, mistyped the date, chose 2022 insteasd of 2012 for some reason. This is actually almost a year old and I had it sitting on the server for quite a while.

As an FYI the fox girl is me. Anyhow, my writer's block turned into a writer's ka-pow because the program I used to make this comic became so advanced that it ate all my save files when I tried to load it so I moved on. If you are looking at this and hoping that I m still updating then mosey on over to My blog and see what I've been doing

Tue, 02 Apr 2013

Please update your feed

by Xade

This is just a friendly reminder to update your feed to the new RSS link. and I updated the new site. Also, please take the time to read the blogpost there for an important announcement. Sorry about the mess, I really need to finish the site but I need to reinstall a bunch of stuff on this clunky little IDO 80gb hard drive to do so.

Wed, 24 Aug 2011

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